Amura is dedicated to the development of protease inhibitors.
SECTOR: Healthcare / Life Sciences
FUND: ProVen VCT, Proven Growth and Income VCT
TYPE: Growth Capital
STATUS: Current



Amura is a company dedicated to the development of protease inhibitors. The company has developed a new chemical solution for the inhibition of the mammalian cathepsins, an important family of enzymes that are implicated in many diseases. Amura’s second key asset is a broad spectrum ß-lactamase inhibitor, that is an ideal combination partner for resistance susceptible ß-lactam antibiotics.

Amura’s AMcore™ scaffold is the premier chemical solution to cathepsin inhibitor design, generating compounds that are highly potent, specific, orally active and drug-like. Candidates based around the AMcore™ scaffold have addressed the problems inherent in competitor cathepsin inhibitors, providing Amura with a significant advantage for clinical assessment and commercialization in numerous attractive therapeutic indications.