Celebrus Technologies is a provider of tagging-free digital big data software.
FUND: ProVen VCT, Proven Growth and Income VCT
TYPE: Growth Capital
STATUS: Realized



Celebrus Technologies enables organizations to understand their individual customers’ interactions across the digital channels they own, including websites, mobile apps and social media. Celebrus’ award winning tagging-free digital big data software then feeds this data into a wide variety of big data technologies in real-time. Celebrus’ global blue chip clients use this highly granular data to power advanced customer analytics and real-time personalization and to drive actions that maximize revenue, marketing effectiveness and brand loyalty.

Celebrus partners with world-leading technology companies to provide integrated solutions that meet critical business goals. Celebrus also has global reach with their fast and flexible digital data and real-time personalization platforms available from resellers across the world.

Beringea exited its investment in Celebrus in February 2015.