EcoSynthetix is a renewable chemicals company specializing in bio-based products.
SECTOR: Clean Technology
FUND: Michigan Growth Capital Partners I
TYPE: Growth Capital
STATUS: Realized



EcoSynthetix Inc. is a renewable chemicals company specializing in bio-based products that can be used as inputs in industrial manufacturing for a wide range of consumer products. Founded in 1996, the Company’s products are replacements for petroleum-based chemical, offering a reduced carbon footprint and are marketed primarily on the basis of lower cost, stable pricing and equal or superior performance.

EcoSynthetix’s lead product, EcoSphere® biolatex® binders, is created using starches derived from annually renewable crop resources, such as corn, potatoes and tapioca. The product is used commercially by a number of the global top 20 manufacturers in the coated paper and paperboard industry.

Beringea’s fund exited its investment in EcoSynthetix in January 2012. The Company trades on the Toronto Stock Exchange (TSX) under the symbol “ECO”.