MRS Partners operates out patient physical therapy clinics.
SECTOR: Healthcare / Life Sciences
FUND: Michigan Growth Capital Partners SBIC
TYPE: Subordinated Debt
STATUS: Realized



MRS Partners provides a full range of the highest quality, outcome oriented, physical therapy and occupational therapy for orthopedic injuries, work related injuries, sports injuries and various neurological and neuromuscular conditions. The rehabilitation process is an individual, personalized, goal-oriented program with an emphasis on restoring normal function through quality therapy services while minimizing costs.

The Company’s therapy services are designed to help patients regain normal mobility and strength, and to provide long term pain relief, thus allowing them to get back to their normal activities as quickly as possible. Therapists use state of the art technology and techniques and are highly trained to meet the specific needs of their patients.

Beringea’s fund exited its investment in MRS Partners in August 2013.