Population Genetics characterises and quantifies genetic variants responsible for disease, disease resistance and drug response.
SECTOR: Healthcare / Life Sciences
FUND: ProVen VCT, Proven Growth and Income VCT
TYPE: Growth Capital
STATUS: Realized



Population Genetics Technologies Ltd was founded by Nobel Laureate Dr Sydney Brenner; by Dr Sam Eletr, a founder of Applied Biosystems and of Lynx Therapeutics; and by Dr Philip Goelet, the founder of Molecular Tool and Red Abbey Ventures. The company develops and applies innovative approaches to genetic analyses and molecular diagnostics, including proprietary technologies that transform the economic viability of performing large scale genetic population studies, and that allow the sensitive and high confidence detection of rare variants and mutations for use in research and clinical decision making.

The company’s technologies are commercially available via service, licensing and partnering models, addressing primarily the agricultural biotechnology, infectious disease and cancer markets.