Utility Exchange Online offers price comparison services for utilities to small businesses.
SECTOR: Business Services
FUND: ProVen VCT, Proven Growth and Income VCT
TYPE: Growth Capital
STATUS: Current



Utility Exchange Online (“UEO”) offers price comparison services for utilities, including electricity, gas and telecom, to small businesses. Unlike the home consumer who can compare prices quickly and easily through numerous comparison websites, the business market is less well served because of its complexity. Business energy prices, for example, work differently from domestic energy prices. Whilst domestic energy usage is predictable, business usage is less so. In addition, there are a number of pieces of information which go into determining business energy prices such as market prices, location and customer credit rating. UEO’s relationships with the top utility providers in the UK enable it to offer an extensive market comparison of current pricing and offers.

UEO’s free, automated quoting engine makes comparing business utility prices fast and easy. Once a new service provider is selected, UEO’s customer service team will help complete the necessary paperwork to ensure switching providers is painless and hassle free. After a new contract is finalized, UEO receive a commission from the utility provider. Since being founded in 2009, the company has helped thousands of businesses save up to 70% on their utility bills.