U.K. Funds

U.K. Funds

In the U.K. Beringea is the investment manager to the ProVen Venture Capital Trusts (VCTs) and the investment adviser to ProVen Legacy plc.

The ProVen VCTs 

The ProVen VCTs (ProVen VCT plc, ProVen Growth & Income VCT plc) are investment companies which take advantage of the U.K. government’s Venture Capital Trust scheme for supporting SMEs with equity investment. ProVen VCT and ProVen Growth & Income VCT (PGI VCT) invest in a diversified portfolio of private companies with significant potential for growth.

For more information please visit www.provenvcts.co.uk

STATEMENT OF RISK: Venture Capital Trusts are not suitable for all investors due, in particular, to the underlying illiquidity, the early stage nature of the investments and the need to hold the investment for a significant period for tax reasons. Potential investors who are in any doubt about the suitability of VCTs for them should consult an independent financial adviser. Past performance is not necessarily illustrative of future performance. Capital is at risk.


ProVen Legacy plc

ProVen Legacy plc was established to provide loans to a range of mainly U.K. SMEs. The primary objectives of ProVen Legacy plc are to preserve investors’ (shareholders’) capital and to enable the shares to meet the conditions for Business Property Relief from Inheritance Tax.

For more information please visit www.provenlegacy.co.uk

STATEMENT OF RISK: An investment in ProVen Legacy plc involves risk and is not suitable for all investors. Access to Inheritance Tax relief is subject to personal circumstances. Potential investors should seek advice from an authorised financial adviser before investing in ProVen Legacy plc. Capital is at risk.