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Beringea injects £1 million into Celebrus Technologies

October 3rd 2012

Celebrus Technologies increases its partner support to tackle the world of big data

(London, UK) International venture capital firm Beringea has injected £1 million of new capital into Celebrus Technologies (Speed Trap Holdings Ltd), provider of tag-free digital big data software. Celebrus’ objective is to strengthen its support with international partners as they continue to work together, driving further insight and business value from big data.

Celebrus Technologies’ tag-free software feeds individual-level digital data from websites, mobile apps and social media into a wide variety of big data technologies in real-time. Clients use the data to power advanced customer analytics and drive actions that maximise revenue, marketing effectiveness and brand loyalty.

Continued growth of digital channels has resulted in large amounts of customer data being made available to organisations. E-commerce and m-commerce are increasingly becoming dominant shopping models in a number of countries across the world, leading to further investment in digital channel big data software. Growth is particularly strong in highly competitive sectors such as retail, financial services, travel and media, in which organisations are increasingly focussed on building much closer customer relationships and providing tailored product offerings.

Recent announcements from Celebrus’ £multi-million customers provide examples of how highly granular, individual-level online data, collected across multiple-channels, can be used to develop intelligent campaign attribution models. One large Dutch insurer has developed a model, using Celebrus technology, enabling it to predict with an accuracy of more than 90% whether an online visitor is likely to convert based on their online behaviour. Other Celebrus customers have seen conversion rates increase by 24% over a period of six months as a result of real-time customer one-to-one website personalisation, using Celebrus’ Online Customer Insight Platform.

Chairman of Celebrus Technologies, Geoff Shingles CBE, comments, “Businesses realise that their website is the first point of contact for future customers, Celebrus allows them to find out who these potential customers are and target them in real-time with relevant and effective messaging and campaigns. We are helping some of the biggest names in retail, banking & finance and insurance achieve their goals for customer personalisation.”

Trevor Hope, Chief Investment Officer, Beringea, comments: “With the continued growth of digital channels, we are delighted to be able to provide additional funds to support the next stage of Celebrus’ growth.  With nearly £2m invested to date by Beringea, the business is well placed to capitalise on its achievements to date and to strengthen its relationships with international partners. We are looking forward to working with management in helping them to achieve their vision”.

Celebrus’ global blue chip clients use the highly granular data to power customer analytics and drive actions – increasing revenue, maximising marketing effectiveness and transforming their one-to-one customer relationships. Celebrus partners include SAS, Teradata Corporation and Microstrategy, providing integrated solutions that meet critical business goals.

Shingles, continues, “Our increased ability to gather individual-level online data from not just websites, but mobile apps and social media as well, has led to our partners amassing huge amounts of customer insight. We want to continue to provide the best products and support available, enabling our partners to develop truly differentiated, high value joint solutions that meet their customers’ requirements.”

Celebrus is used on thousands of websites across the world by blue chips clients in retail, financial services, travel and leisure, media, telecommunications and automotive.

Commenting on the investment, Shingles concludes, “We have established relationships with some great partners who take us to market as part of their business solutions, such as SAS, Teradata and Microstrategy. We want to continue to invest in our partners and work with them, building joint propositions for the exploding world of big data. Together we can help our clients power advanced customer analytics through increased insight and maximise the business value gained from the vast amount of data organisations have access to.”

Celebrus also has global reach with their fast and flexible digital data and real-time personalisation platforms available from resellers across the world as well as direct clients including AXA, Hiscox, Belron (Autoglass), ghd, P&O Ferries and directgov.

For further information, please visit: www.celebrus.com