About Us

Beringea / ber.iŋ’dʒnɪə/ The name Beringea is derived from the landmass that connected Europe and North America during the ice ages. Today, our funds help entrepreneurs cultivate innovative ideas and reach new markets.

Beringea is a transatlantic venture capital investor that seeks to create lasting success for rapidly scaling entrepreneurial companies. We provide patient and intelligent capital and a global footprint to back founders throughout their journey, helping them overcome barriers to scale and build international success stories. Our track record of three decades of successful investing across a wide range of sectors has inspired our own entrepreneurial ethos; cultivated an exceptional community of entrepreneurs and investors; and fostered the experience required to create substantial businesses and deliver value for shareholders in our funds.

What We Look For?

Strong Founders

Exceptional management teams, with strong track records, who are passionate about their business.

Growth Potential

Strong year-on-year growth, in a large addressable market and with clear competitive differentiation.

Capital Efficiency

Impressive financial and operational metrics. A clear route to profitability following our investment.

Growth Stage

Proven business model where fundraising will fuel further expansion of an already market-tested solution.

What Makes Us Different?

Global Network

With separate funds in the U.S. and U.K., Beringea's network can help businesses expand internationally.

Experienced Investor

We are proud of our successful track record spanning over 30 years through economic cycles and industry shifts.

Supportive Partner

Beringea is committed to supporting entrepreneurs with our expertise, network and resources.

Patient Capital

We have a long-term perspective and understand that building companies and disrupting industries takes time.