ATLAS Space Operations

ATLAS Space Operations, based in Traverse City, Michigan, is a state-of-the-art satellite data communications company utilizing the latest cloud-based software technologies to provide cost-effective solutions. Beringea U.S. invested in ATLAS in 2020, as part of a $5 million investment round aimed at advancing the company's engineering efforts in the enhancement of its software platform and the development of new products.




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Simple, scalable solutions.

ATLAS’ global network of satellite communications ground stations and its cloud-based command-and-control system enables businesses to streamline the information relay process from the satellite to the antenna and then to the customer. The network offers secure and automated access to data to and from space. Most recently, ATLAS was named as a winner of the Space Relay Partnership and Services Study contracts from NASA.

Next generation.

ATLAS’ antenna technology and proprietary software enables global access to real-time data from space. The company's unique schedule-to-schedule availability enables their Freedom™ Platform to serve as a single access point to multiple networks. This accomplishment underscores an ambition that ATLAS has long touted as critical in developing the next generation of satellite communications: one network that can interface with many others to achieve a high degree of reliability and flexibility through deep levels of integration.

Connecting humanity through space.

ATLAS continues to find ways to achieve its chief mission: connecting humanity through space. Since its founding in 2015, ATLAS has made substantial moves in its industry and is the fastest-growing teleport operator in the world, according to the World Teleport Association’s Fast 10. ATLAS was recognized as the 15th fastest-growing software company on the Inc. 5000 and has been listed by Morgan Stanley as a “Top 12 Disruptor” in the satellite industry. Most recently, the World Teleport Association named ATLAS CEO Sean McDaniel as 2021 Teleport Executive of the Year.

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