ATLAS Space Operations

ATLAS is a leading global provider in space communications services.


ATLAS Space Operations is a state-of-the-art satellite data communications company utilizing the latest cloud-based software technologies to provide cost-effective solutions. ATLAS’ antenna technology and proprietary software enable global access to real-time data from space. Since its founding in 2015, ATLAS has made substantial moves in its industry and has been listed by Morgan Stanley as a “Top 12 Disruptor” in the satellite industry.

ATLAS’s global network of satellite communications ground stations and its cloud-based command and control system benefits the current outdated and limited satellite grounds communications infrastructure by simplifying the communications services enabling businesses to gather information from the satellite to antenna and then to the customer in a streamlined process. The network offers secure and automated access to data to and from space. Most recently, ATLAS was named as a winner of the Space Relay Partnership and Services Study contracts from NASA.

Beringea led ATLAS’ $5 million investment round in 2020, enabling the company to further advance its engineering efforts in the enhancement of its software platform and the development of new products.