Delphinus is the developer of SoftVue™, a new breast cancer screening platform.


Delphinus Medical Technologies, Inc. is an innovation leader in advanced ultrasound development, introducing a dynamic new technique to image the breast with the use of sound and water. Delphinus is committed to creating improved imaging methods that assist medical professionals to better define and diagnose breast disease, while establishing a better patient experience that can be available for all women, regardless of age, without the concern of radiation or pain.

Delphinus was formed in 2010 as a spin-out of Karmanos Cancer Institute [KCI] in Detroit, Michigan. The Company is the first to design and manufacture a whole breast ultrasound system, known as SoftVue™, which utilizes a ring transducer to transmit and receive ultrasound signals. The exam time is short, one to two minutes per breast , and the outcome of the exam is not dependent on operator skill and experience. SoftVue has received FDA clearance for diagnostic imaging purposes and is not intended for use as a replacement for screening mammography.