Micro-LAM's state-of-the-art retrofittable system equips precision machines with a hybrid laser-diamond cutting system. This system is used to efficiently machine materials that are difficult to cut, such as ceramics, silicon, glass and hard metals, thus creating extremely high-quality optics and precision components. In 2020, Beringea U.S. participated in the $5.5 million Series B round and joined the Micro-LAM board of directors.


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Extreme precision.

Modern material science has created ultra-hard materials, but existing manufacturing processes are not suited to cut materials of this strength with the extreme precision required for advanced applications. Micro-LAM has developed a patented laser-assisted diamond cutting tool system that seamlessly bolts on to existing CNC machining manufacturing infrastructure worldwide. Laser-assisting the diamond cutting tool is the key to the Micro-LAM manufacturing process, as the laser softens and heats the target material at the exact moment that the diamond cutting tool comes in contact with the surface, allowing a level of precision that is unparalleled in the industry.

Growth strategy.

Micro-LAM was spun-off in 2012 from Western Michigan University’s College of Engineering. In 2018, Micro-LAM CEO and founder Dr. Deepak Ravindra set a growth strategy for his ultra-precision laser-based technology which included vertical integration, growth in consumables and acquisition plans. Since then, the company has founded M10 Edge diamond tool manufacturing company, launched OPTIMUS T2 product with capabilities of diamond turning glass, formed a wholly owned subsidiary in the UK that makes a specific component of its system, acquired 603OPTX, Inc., an optical fabrication company, and installed over 78 systems.

Synergistic potential.

In 2019, Dr. Ravindra found an acquisition target in the high-precision optics manufacturing segment of the market offering strong, synergistic potential with Micro-LAM’s proprietary ultra-precision machining. Then, in 2020, Ravindra faced a new challenge when the COVID-19 pandemic froze customers’ capital expenditure budgets. The company could have sat on its cash, but Dr. Ravindra chose to pursue building capabilities on other synergistic platforms, and so far, he says, “that’s been the right decision.”

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