Optilogic is a supply chain network design software company based in Ann Arbor, Michigan. Optilogic offers cloud-native supply chain network design solutions that enable businesses to evaluate trade-offs across financial performance, service levels, and systemic risk to design resilient supply chains even in the most dynamic, challenging environments. Beringea U.S. invested in Optilogic in 2023, co-leading an investment aimed at accelerating research and development of the company’s supply chain network design software platform.




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Addressing a rapidly-changing world’s supply chain needs

Optilogic founder and CEO Donald Hicks recognized that the world was quickly changing, and the supply chain industry needed to change with it. With decades of experience, Hicks is best known for founding Llamasoft, a supply chain modeling, optimization, and analytics solution in 1998, which later sold for $1.5 billion. Leveraging that success, he founded Optilogic with a singular vision: to redefine the principles of supply chain design by enabling all people of any organization to realize the benefits of greater enterprise design through their software. The team at Optilogic consists of supply chain design experts who set out to build the fastest, most powerful supply chain network design platform on the planet. Today, Optilogic is a global company across the U.S., Canada, and United Kingdom and has helped hundreds of organizations across manufacturing, retail, distribution, and transportation and logistics industries solve their toughests supply chain challenges.

The Cosmic Frog Solution

One hundred percent SaaS-based, the Cosmic Frog solution helps organizations move away from chaotic spreadsheets and making decisions off “gut feel” to using real data to drive results. Optilogic is the only design solution that provides a risk rating on every scenario, so customers can make more information decisions beyond just cost. Cosmic Frog network optimization runs 40% faster than competitor solutions, is accessible from anywhere, and uses hyperscaling technology to allow hundreds of models and scenarios to run in parallel on enterprise-scale computing resources. Cosmic Frog was named Risk Management Innovation of the Year by SupplyTech Breakthrough Awards in 2024.

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