Plum Guide

Plum Guide is a luxury holiday home platform founded by the serial entrepreneur Doron Meyassed in 2016. The start-up joined the Beringea U.K. portfolio in 2021 as part of a Series B funding round that was extended to $31m, with plans to use the fresh capital to improve the quality of the travel sector and provide reliable travel experiences to its travellers worldwide.




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The science behind the perfect holiday home.

What makes Plum Guide stand out from its competitors is the meticulous 'Plum Test' it conducts for every home, which uses a mixture of algorithms and physical visits by a home critic. Upon completion, the properties are nominated for the 'Plum Award' and then awarded it. As described by Doron, "The Plum Guide Award is to travel what the Michelin Star is to food, and what the New York Times Bestseller List is to books."

Backing serial entrepreneurs.

In 2008, Doron founded Promise Communities (now C Space), a company specialising in gathering consumer insights through online communities. The business' clients included Google, Twitter, Spotify, as well as various hospitality brands such as Hilton, Jumeirah, and One&Only. That is where his passion for hospitality was developed, and having sold this business to Omnicom, Doron founded Plum Guide in 2015 to provide a trusted alternative to mass-market holiday booking platforms.

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