Meet the Team

Beringea’s funds were started in the 1980s by founders passionate about supporting growing businesses. Since then, we have assembled a team of like-minded professionals respected for their knowledge and investment expertise. Beringea has become a partner of choice for entrepreneurs seeking capital and business support.

  • Babcock

    Carrie Babcock

    Investment Manager

  • Biasiolo

    Emma Biasiolo

    Investment Associate

  • Blake III

    William Blake III

    Vice President

  • Bonhard

    John Bonhard

    Vice President

  • Conlon

    Natalie Conlon

    Operations Manager

  • Duckenfield

    Amealia Duckenfield

    Office Manager

  • Edis

    Luke Edis

    Investment Associate

  • Edwards

    Marette Edwards

    Executive Assistant & HR Manager

  • Elliott

    Shane Elliott


  • Gross

    Michael Gross

    Managing Director

  • Harding

    Sarah Harding

    Head of Corporate Accounting

  • Hutchinson

    Rebecca Hutchinson

    Director of Fund Finance

  • Malinger

    Eyal Malinger

    Investment Director

  • Mansfield

    Kate Mansfield

    Investor Relations Manager

  • McCormick

    Karen McCormick

    Chief Investment Officer

  • Miller

    Lauren Miller

    Investment Team PA

  • Moss

    Malcolm Moss

    Founding Partner

  • Odonnell

    Kelly O'Donnell

    Marketing Specialist

  • Oloughlin

    Anne O'Loughlin

    Sales Manager

  • Petersmarck

    Sarah Petersmarck

    Marketing & Office Coordinator

  • Petkova

    Teodora Petkova

    Investor Relations Executive

  • Philipson

    Henry Philipson

    Director of Marketing & Communications

  • Rothstein

    Charlie Rothstein

    Founder; Sr. Managing Director

  • Shepherd

    Mark Shepherd

    Investment Manager

  • Shipley

    Leslie Shipley

    Director, Operations; CCO

  • Taylor

    Mark Taylor


  • Thomas

    Harry Thomas

    Principal, Business Development

  • Veale

    Stuart Veale

    Managing Partner

  • Wagner

    Maria Wagner

    Investment Director

  • Webster

    Andrew Webster

    Investment Director